5 Reasons Why You Need an ERP Upgrade

Are you or your organization spending considerable time & effort in debating whether to upgrade your ERP system to the latest version? We know that this can be a daunting task especially if you are unsure on how to tell whether the time is right for an update.

Many can be skeptical about the cost associated with the upgrade but over a period those costs spent can be recouped with profits and efficiencies generated by avoiding the mistake of using an outdated ERP system. With that in mind, here is our quick guide to reviewing your ERP needs and knowing when to update your software.


  1. No Support

Let’s start with the simplest reason to upgrade your ERP system. Is your current software version so old that support is about to end? An obsolete software solution is no use to anyone and can be more harmful; your security might be compromised when patches are not being upgraded.

Many software providers spend time furnishing their most recent versions which are to replace their preceding versions of software, hence they seldom commit to support the older versions for long. You may be tempted to keep the outdated version until it becomes inadequate, but this will only and only accrue damages.


  1. Technology Advances

One of the leading factors of considering an upgrade is technology. The everchanging horizon of technological advances always puts organizations at risk of being left behind. For example, a feature you implemented years ago as a luxury feature may have now become a standard practice within your industry.

Technology brings innovation in many ways be it automation, efficiency savings or integrations that maybe specific to your line of business. Leveraging this opportunity is important when competition is involved as it can give you an upper hand in the industry. 

If there are features that could be making your life easier, and they come as a standard part of most offerings, there is probably a reason. If your software does not offer it, you are doing yourself a disservice and might want to investigate ways to get those features to work for you.


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  1. Seamless Integrations

How effectively can your business systems run together? If you are using more than one system and they are not speaking to each other, an upgrade might be in order. ERP systems that integrate seamlessly equips your business with automatic transfer of data from one system to another leading to increased efficiencies and decreased manual work.

Latest ERP versions tend to be more open to integration, naturally making it easy for developers to ensure your business systems are working in partnership.


  1. Adapt to Change

Sometimes, changes in business can affect more than the technological changes. If you have grown explosively in recent years, and your people are talking more about system limitations that benefits, maybe the time has come to upgrade.

Perhaps you have grown enormously, downsized, shifted into different market, or even absorbed other companies. The need you initially identified and the priorities that outlined the implementation of your current software could go obsolete.

It is a good idea to re-examine the needs of your business and how this relates to your ERP system.


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  1. Mobile functionality

Post 2020 pandemic, a new reason for an upgrade of ERP has come into existence. With business in general becoming increasingly remote and about working on the move, your ERP system should complement this change in culture by allowing you to access certain features of the system on your mobile phone, regardless of your location.

By allowing you to work on the go, an updated ERP system with mobile functionality will prove useful in the years to come. Such functionality will give access to real-time data, analysis & insights at the tip of your finger, anywhere, anytime.


Hope we have simplified your decision-making process for an ERP upgrade. If there are still more doubts or if you would like more information, please get in touch with us and we will provide you with a best in-class, affordable solution.


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