5 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade to Dynamics 365 Business Central


If you are a current Dynamics NAV user, you are likely to upgrade to Dynamics 365 Business Central in the foreseeable future. We understand your concern about moving to a different platform and we wish to take the time to educate you in understanding why one should make the move to Business Central.

Microsoft’s ERP solution has been around for years, with constant updates and improvements to accommodate the growing demands of the customers. Business Central has moved their operations to cloud as opposed to being on-premises with Dynamics NAV, which should be the highlight of your move to BC.


Following points illustrate the advantages of moving to Business Central.

  • Cost: Business Central has moved from licensing to subscription model which allows more flexibility for organizations to meet their needs. This move has proved to be more cost effective than the previous versions and their licensing models. With the subscription model the user has more control on adding or subtracting users per month.


  • Application: Business Central app can be found on the AppSource. Customers can now customize their solution to suit their industry specific needs.


  • Updates: With Microsoft’s Modern Lifecycle Policy, customers do not need to worry about their systems becoming outdated. Microsoft promises automatic updates for systems operating on the cloud.


  • Scalability: The ability to customize and make changes without having to spend great deal of time and money in development and consulting makes Business Central a great tool for business expansion. In simple words, Business Central will grow as your business grows.


  • Hardware: Cloud based programming & storage makes the need for hardware obsolete. This makes a huge difference for organizations with revenue restrictions in terms of time & capital required for an ERP investment.


Who should make the move to Business Central?

  • Dynamics NAV 2015 and lower version users should upgrade to Business Central as they are out of extended support already.
  • NAV 2016 is moving out of mainstream support in April 2021 with NAV 2017 following in Jan 2022. Users of both versions would need to consider an upgrade to Business Central in the foreseeable future.
  • NAV 2018 don’t face the same amount of urgency as compared to previous versions, as the users of NAV 2018 enjoy mainstream support till 2023. But it is safe to say that the upgrade to Business Central is inevitable for all NAV users.
  • Organizations looking to invest in a new ERP system, or migrate from another system.


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