BAI Electronic Statement Import & Bank Reconciliation

From the Suite of NICerp Treasury Management – for Microsoft Business Central

Provides the ability to import electronic Bank Statements in CSV or BAI format and to automatically create​ Bank Reconciliation Worksheets. In addition, it​ provides the ability to map individual BAI transactions uniquely into the Bank Reconciliation Worksheets​ and to perform automatic matching with the Bank Ledger Entries

App Features

  • Imports electronic Bank Statements and automatically creates and matches Statement Lines to Bank Ledger
  • Ability to define multiple BAI Schemas (TRM Uniform) – defines the Banking Institution, Sender ID, Customer ID
  • Ability to define all required BAI Codes within the Schema – each Schema can be different
  • Ability to map the BAI fields with the detailed BAI record uniquely by BAI Code to populate the Statement Lines
  • Ability to view the detailed imported BAI file in BC
  • Creation of Error Log to diagnose import errors
  • Advanced Error diagnostics for imported BAI file
  • Enhanced information brought into the Statement Lines in the Bank Reconciliation Worksheet
  • Ability to map specific BAI Codes to specific G/L Accounts for to populate the General Journal with G/L Code
  • Ability to define Special Functions to manage “Sweeps” to different Bank Accounts
  • Ability to define Special Functions to manage e.g “ACH Batch Transactions”
  • Ability to customize Special Functions as required depending upon specific Bank Products
  • Ability to invoke standard BC “Automatic Matching” as part of the Bank Reconciliation creation
  • Ability to Reconcile Bank Statement to either the Bank Account entries only OR to the G/L Balance by Bank Account

The NIC BAI Electronic Statement Import & Bank Reconciliation is the second module in a suite of Treasury Management modules

This module includes the ability to:

  • import an electronic bank statement in the BAI format
  • decode and uniquely map each individual BAI Code into a Bank Reconciliation Worksheet Statement Line
  • automatically create Bank Reconciliation Worksheets in multiple Banks, in multiple Companies and across multiple Databases in a single step.

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