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NICerp’s MDC 2.0 is now available with new features.

In our second release, we enhanced Shipping, Receiving and Production Orders management. Now you can use MDC app even with a basic warehouse setup (ex: if your warehouse does not use Warehouse Receipts or Shipment documents). More advanced warehouses could also benefit from MDC R2 – as we now support different Picks and Movements documents.  

Purchase Order Receipt

Allows direct receipt from the Purchase Order

Sales Order Shipment

Allows direct shipment of the Sales Order

Transfer Order

Allows to Ship and Receive Transfer Order

Production Consumption

Allows direct shipment of the Sales Order

Warehouse Pick

Allows inventory pick for Sales Order

What’s New

  • Direct Shipment from a Sales Order 
  • Direct Receipt from a Purchase  Order 
  • Transfer Orders (including Direct Transfers) 
  • Picks: 
    • Inventory Pick 
    • Warehouse Pick 
  •  Movements:
    • Inventory Movement 
    • Warehouse Movement 
  • Production Consumption  

1. DIRECT SHIPMENT from a Sales Order – now users can ship products from a Sales Order directly – if the Location doesn’t require Shipment, a Sales Order can be processed from MDC.

MDC users will be able to select a Released Sales Order and process it from MDC application: 

2. DIRECT RECEIPT from a Purchase Order – now users can receive products from a Purchase Order directly – if the Location doesn’t require Receipt, a Purchase Order can be processed from MDC: 

3. TRANSFER ORDERS: Whether it is a Direct Transfer or not, in MDC R2, users could process Transfer Orders from a handheld device 

4. PICKS/MOVEMENTS: MDC supports Warehouse Picks, Inventory Picks, Warehouse Movements and Inventory Movements – all the activities to pick or move inventory either for the Shipment or Production processes.  

5. PRODUCTION CONSUMPTON: Initial version of MDC only had Production Output, in the R2 of MDC, Component Consumption is available, so MDC users can consume Raw Material items and produce Finish Good Item directly from MDC, considering a Released Production Order exist in Business Central: