Business Central 2021 Release

Microsoft Business Central 2021 Release Wave 1 – All you need to know


In the spring of 2021, Microsoft has released this year’s spring versions for its various business applications. Dynamics 365 Business Central has been enhanced and optimized with several new features. The release comprises several new functions in various application areas including a simplified onboarding to Business Central and an improvement of the integration with Teams and Word.

Microsoft aims to create more convenience and productivity for users with the new versions. Many of the features and functions that have been implemented are based directly on ideas and suggestions from users.


Optimizations in the application

In addition to various performance improvements, the new Business Central version primarily offers new functionalities for the most frequently requested areas (e.g. banking and payment transactions). Among other things, the area of dimensions has been expanded. Here, dimensions for G/L entries can now be corrected for more accurate financial reporting. In addition, there is more control over the settings for default dimensions.

For optimized payment transactions, Business Central now also offers improvements for payment reconciliation journals, a simplified import of bank statement files and a further improvement of bank account reconciliation. The automatic creation of lot and serial number information cards also increases productivity.


Innovations in the Modern Client

The Web Client has also been optimized again with the new Business Central version. Apart from improved performance and usability, reports can now optionally be run in the background in the Web Client, for example. Users can also change the assigned printer before printing a report when using the “Microsoft Universal Printing” or the “Print by Email” service. Cloud printing is also possible via the mobile and the Microsoft Teams app.


Better onboarding and streamlined collaboration

With the new release, users should get an easier start using Business Central and become productive faster. In this regard, new “getting started” checklists are designed to provide a guided and faster setup. Moreover, improvements to contextual in-app help and the user experience during company setup were also announced.

Finally, for improved collaboration and seamless working, integration with Teams, Word, Outlook and Excel has also been improved. For example, Business Central contacts can now be searched from within Microsoft Teams and the Word merge feature can also be used in Business Central.

Aside from the new features listed, the new Business Central release also includes enhancements and improvements in the development area and in the integration with Microsoft Dataverse and Microsoft Power Platform.


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