MDC is a simple and effective Mobile Data Collection and Barcode Scanning solution that reduces cost of warehouse and production operations. Barcode scanning increases transaction accuracy reduces errors and saves both time and cost. MDC gives warehouse and production employees a powerful tool to complete tasks faster by automating data entry on mobile devices and eliminating errors from manual data entry with barcode scanning. This contributes to overall job satisfaction and leads to improved efficiency and productivity.

NICerp has developed a Mobile Data Collection app that allows your warehouse and factory plant employees to perform key operations from any position within the facility that has a WiFi enabled internet connection.

The MDC solution is integrated into your Business Central system and allows for the registration of key warehouse operations through Hand-Held devices. Warehouse and production employees get immediate access to important transactions and documents directly on the floor and can complete warehouse and production operations without leaving the shop floor.

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MDC initial release has the following features and BC transactions

1. Bin Content

The interface enables the User to lookup the contents of a Bin or order to see; Item Quantities and Lots Numbers within the Bin at a particular Location

2. Locate Item

The interface allows for the movement of Inventory between Bins within one Location or between Bins in different Locations. If an item needs to be “Reclassified”, the MDC solution can move inventory and also assign a new Lot Number or Expiration Date to the inventory

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3. Move Item

Barcodes Labels can be printed and re-printed from the Hand-Held device whenever it is necessary.

4. Inventory Count

The interface allows for the entry of the physically counted Item quantity in a Bin. This allows the system to register the additional auantity of found items or remove the quantity of missing or lost items

5. Warehouse Shipment

The interface allows for the shipment of inventory and posting Warehouse Shipment documents directly from the Hand-Held device

6. Warehouse Receipt

The interface allows for the receipt of inventory and posting Warehouse Receipt documents directly from the Hand-Held device



7. Production Output

The interface allows for the posting of Output from Production Orders. This removes the Cost from the Work-in-Process Ledger and place the Finished Goods into Inventory Production Output can be performed with the press of few buttons. A warehouse employee does not need to leave the site of the operations to accurately Post the Output