About NIC Container and SSCC

The NIC Container & SSCC is a collection of items that are assembled for ease of storage and handling. Consists of physical units of Inventory items. It has a unique scannable identification number that can be traceable, moved and placed in a warehouse and transferable between location and bins.

Key Features and Functionality

  • Warehouse Employee- can use Container to store and move collections of items instead of storing and moving them individually.
  • Shipping Employee-  can use Container to ship a collection of items to the customers instead of shipping them individually while supporting SSCC capabilities.
  • Receiving Employee – can use Container to receive a collection of items from vendor on the fly and directly move and store to the warehouse in.
  • Production Employee- can use Container for
  • With NIC Container & SSCC, the users will have the features to utilize Move Containers from Bin to Bin, Receive from: Purchase order, Return Sales Order and Transfer Order. Additionally, it is designed to Ship from the Sales Order, Return Purchase Order, Warehouse Shipment and Transfer Order.
  • Furthermore, NIC Container can be impactful and beneficial for users that require Pick to Production, Pick Full Container to Ship. The Production Feature of Container is designed to Consume a Full Container, Consume from Container and Create Container from Production Output while providing report functionality to Trace and Label.
  • One of the main extended features of NIC Container
  • SSCC is a unique key that allows you to identify the logistic units accurately and easily
  • It compromises information that can be shared electronically via EDI
  • SSCC is a crucial key for the traceability of logistic units and its content
  • It can be scanned, providing the required information to speed up goods receipt It can be encode