NICerp Partner Program

Elevate your clients’ businesses by leveraging our state-of-the-art app solutions and benefit from a rewarding partnership. Join the NICerp Partner Program today and start earning commissions while transforming the way your clients succeed in the industry.

Strengthen Your Partnerships With Us
Harness the Power of Our Comprehensive Suite of 30+ Apps for Unparalleled Client Success

Harness the Power of Our Comprehensive Suite of 30+ Apps. As the market increasingly demands cloud-based solutions, we enable you to stay ahead of the curve by providing you with the necessary tools and resources. By partnering with NICerp, you can maintain a strong relationship with your customers while we equip you with the latest app solutions.

Boost Your Earnings
Drive Client Success with Our Seamless, Cost-Effective App Solutions

Maximize your earnings with NICerp by securing commissions on every app sale to your clients. Simultaneously, empower them to overcome challenges with our seamless, cost-effective app solutions, eliminating the need for complex customizations in Business Central.

Our Suite of Powerful Apps

Our Microsoft Dynamics Business Central apps are designed to streamline critical operations, eliminating the need for costly customizations or complex upgrades. Our modular approach allows us to cover multiple use cases, including finance, factory floor, warehousing, and shipping, among others. With easy installation and minimal developer support required, our user-friendly apps can be up and running within minutes, even on basic implementations of Microsoft Dynamics Business Central. Explore our apps’ individual pages to learn more about their specific functionalities.

Request Our Partner Program Details Package

We will review your request and send you our partner package which includes information about the commission structure and a sample of our contract.