Production Yield Metrics

Production Yield Metrics is an add-on solution to Microsoft Business Central providing the user with a costing overview of a Production Order based on Finished Goods that has been posted to the ledger.

Users frequently use the Production Order Statistics report to analyze various cost components of the Production Order and compare them with the standard cost. In practical situations, while the actual production output is less than the planned quantity, the enhanced existing Production Order Statistics and the Fact Box on the component page illustrate the cost elements based on the real output.

Key Features and Functionality

A Fact Box is added to the production order components page that provides the user with the capability to monitor both the expected and actual quantity of a component based on finished goods posted to the ledger. Furthermore, it provides cost information for the expected quantity and actual consumption of the component so the user can easily monitor the differences between these two values.

A new section named Finished has been added to the Production Order Statistic to provide insight into standard, expected, and actual cost components of the production order based on finis