The Secret to Choosing the Best ERP Project Team Members

Did you know a successful ERP implementation starts with your own team members? While choosing the best consultants are vital to a successful ERP implementation, the true victory begins with you! Carefully selecting key people to represent your departments will ensure more advancements in your business and ultimately a better tomorrow. But what does this all mean?  

When it comes to choosing who to be part of your ERP project team, it is always crucial to think about the future of your business. Using your best resources will not only save you time and money right now but in the future too. But what if your best resources are busy doing more important tasks? Wouldn’t it be better to select someone that is available to represent the various departments of your ERP project team instead?

The answer to this becomes very tricky! From our years of experiences with various clients, we have seen some management decisions be more beneficial to the success of your business than others. Some customers tend to select their team based on the availability of others. They assume the ones with the most knowledge of the business are better off taking care of their daily tasks because that increases productivity. But is that truly the best option? 

While extensive knowledge of your business is vital to your success, skill set is not. This is where most customers tend to get confused. If your most knowledgeable crew isn’t necessarily your most skilled ones, it’s not the end of the world. You want to seek for individuals that understand their decisions are not only impacting their department but other departments and ultimately the entire business as a whole. Providing your consultants with extensive knowledge will allow them to understand your business, share their knowledge better and train your team more efficiently. If you choose someone with limited knowledge of your business, but amazing software skills it will be customizing an ERP project with no use. The ones that are 100% full time on the project, curious, patient, initiative, dedicated to learning and have the highest knowledge of your business processes and your customers will be your best bet. 

A successful consulting firm will provide quality hands-on training with your information to your ERP project team. If you are open to new ideas and changes, distilling complex processes into simple descriptions of key elements while thinking about your business requirements and are patient to not make too many changes all at once, then you are already halfway there. As consultants we want your ERP implementation to be successful and your business to improve, so help yourselves so we can help you.