Treasury Management Dashboard

From the Suite of NICerp Treasury Management – for Microsoft Business Central

Quickly obtain a snapshot of all your Bank Accounts for all Legal Entities and rendered in a single currency code. Treasury Dashboard is a complete solution.

The Treasury Dashboard combines information from the BC/NAV Bank Accounts from each BC/NAV Company Code within the Group and displays this as a consolidated cash position for the ‘Group’ or ‘Corporate Entity’.

Currently available only for businesses located in North America.

Small and medium businesses operate in a very competitive environment and having a solid understanding of your current cash position provides a clear understanding of where to position your resources to maintain competitiveness. Treasury Dashboard provides a consolidated view and insight on all your business activities, cash position, and estimated flows across all companies and integrated accounts.

Treasury Dashboard is easy to use and saves you a lot of time!

Features and Benefits:

  • Ability to see all bank balances for all Banking Institutions across multiple companies in the database
  • Ability to perform multiple filters upon those balances to see selected information by e.g.
    • Banking institution
    • Company code (legal entity)
    • Currency code
  • Ability to filter on positive and/or negative (overdrawn) balances
  • Ability to automatically calculate and view balances in any currency
  • Save a lot of time summarizing your bank accounts
  • Clear easy user interface let you summarize entries that did not match in minutes, not hours.

Treasury Dashboard can be acquired upon a Trial Basis as an App in the Extension Market Place inside Dynamics 365 Business Central or as an On-Premise App.

Wondering if Treasury Management is the right solution for your business? Try out the full version of the software for free.

The NIC Treasury Dashboard in the first module in a suite of Treasury Management modules

The next modules will include the ability to:

  • import an electronic bank statement in the BAI format
  • decode and uniquely map each individual BAI Code into a Bank Reconciliation Worksheet Statement Line

automatically create Bank Reconciliation Worksheets in multiple Banks, in multiple Companies and across multiple Databases in a single step.

Watch Overview of Treasury Management Dashboard