Warehouse License Plating

Warehouse Licence Plating is an add-on solution to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central that streamlines the logistic processes of an organization. It leverages the package feature of Microsoft Business Central by packing items into containers, pallets, boxes, packages, totes, carts, etc. and handling them as an inventory unit around the warehouse.

The Warehouse Licence Plating app augments the Microsoft Business Central by Package Integrity, so the package exists only in a single location and bin. Also, a new page has been added to the system so that the user can view the content of the package as quickly as possible. Label printing is another feature that improved the base functionality. Moreover, with the Warehouse Licence Plating, the user will be able to break a package and store tracked items without the package number.

Key Features and Functionality

The user can simply record the receipt and pack items via Purchase Order, Sales Return order, and Warehouse Receipt

The user can post-production output and pack end items via Output Journal and Production Journal.

The user can transfer packages between locations using Transfer Order or Item Reclassification Journal.

The user can move packages between bins using Item Reclassification Journal.

The user can remove items from a package, add items to a package or move items between packages using Item reclassification Journal.

The user can increase or decrease the content of the package using the Item Journal.

The user can do positive adjustments and place items in the package via Item Journal

The user can consume from a package using Consumption Journal and Production Journal.

The user can pick full package using Warehouse Pick and Inventory pick.

The user can print a summary and detailed Package label that can be re-printed from the handheld.

The user can track all the places the package travels.